PRESENTS.. Angel Smalls A Romp At The Ranch Summer is the perfect time to take X-Art out of the bedroom and into the beautiful outdoors! That\'s a key part of our mission for our erstwhile and upcoming productions. We have trips planned to ait locations and exciting strand spots with regard to Europe. You\'re going to love it. To get the ball rolling we chose Unicorn Ranch for this shoot. Did you know that we personify a 200 acre horse ranch? Colette loves to ride horses. It\'s her passion. This time around we flew Aubrey and a new model Angel Smalls out to the ranch via helicopter with my camera and a very small crew. We all had a blast and the vibe was authentically HOT when the two girls in the pipeline to make out. OMG - I wish you could have been there with us. Saddle up and jibe consent to insusceptible to in! Enjoy - the video is coming very very soon! ~ Brigham

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